Like last year, Logos was the most popular category, accounting for 46% of total entries received. Unfortunately it was also the most disappointing, made evident by the lowest acceptance rate of all categories and the lack of a Best of Category winner. Judges were comforted by the winning selections’ overall proper execution but in terms of conceptual relevance or a logo’s ability to tell a story there wasn’t much to laud. Top-ranked winners like Project6Million and Dilly Dally received the judges’ compliments for their smart thinking and clever execution but it was the hairy texture of Grizli that received the biggest compliment of all: a collective laugh-out-loud. There was much discussion about the relevance of this category and whether logos could or should be judged on their own instead of in at least one application, be it a business card or a website. After this year’s entries we might be inclined to revise the category but feel sad about the potential death of the craft of making unique, memorable logos that can stand on their own.

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