Art Director

Adeline Chong

Creative Director

Karen Huang


Lim Yiling


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Kandy Confectionery by Manic Design Pte Ltd


A Singapore-based chocolate manufacturer that typically manufactures and packages chocolates and other confections for other brands. With Minette, they are looking to launch their own brand of chocolates.


Develop a brand that was whimsical yet luxurious to target the “fun-loving, white-collared demographic who appreciate the finer things in life.” The brand needs to work across various price points and have flexibility so that it works as an impulse buy as well as a chocolate gift box designed to impress.


The logo and wordmark had to be versatile enough to work on different product lines and price points. The wordmark was designed so that it can come across playful or sophisticated depending on the context or packaging. We avoided being “luxurious” in the traditional sense of the word—the staid, ornate, or overly formal. The logo, a hot-air balloon, adds a touch of whimsy. It is also a symbol of freedom: being carefree, autonomous, able to act on a whim—the ultimate luxury for most.

Achieving the right look for a new brand in a very competitive market is no easy task. We brainstormed together and decided that we wanted a brand that was whimsical yet luxurious, fresh yet not loud. The logo is simple enough to go well with all future plans, making it a very versatile and timeless logo. We were aware that the name “Minette” may have some slight sexual connotations in some countries, but isn’t that perfect? After all, chocolate is sexy! It also gives the brand a hint of “naughtiness” that I think is in line with the brand concept and what I had in mind. We are very happy with the outcome. — Raynne Ong, CEO of Kandy Confectionery

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