Brand Director

Sandro Giorgi

Creative Director

Silvio Giorgi

Strategy Director

Cesar Castro


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Estrategia by Latinbrand


A multinational consultancy with offices in the United States, Australia, Mexico, Chile, and Ecuador, Estrategia specializes in the improvement of processes so that companies or institutions can achieve better results. Its clients include national governments and big companies.


Design a better image that reflects Estrategia’s “wow” culture. Estrategia always goes the extra mile so that their clients always say wow. Estrategia didn’t have any problems with its organizational philosophy—the “wow” culture guided them very clearly—we just had to find the essence of the brand.


“Estrategia was working with bigger and bigger clients, which also meant they were playing with bigger and bigger competitors. They were sure of their products and results but not of the sometimes disordered and unclear image they were projecting. After several meetings, the conclusion was that Estrategia was a simple, practical, and fast brand company. That was the way they helped their clients to achieve better results: by showing them simpler, more practical, and faster processes. With those three axes in mind, we eliminated the “e-”, which was confusing and made it difficult to read. Finally, we kept the idea of the knight (chess) and made it simpler by using only two lines. 

Our experience with Latinbrand was both enlightening and fulfilling as it helped our management team examine our true identity and our vision for the future. Along the way, we found ourselves dealing with a kind of “schizophrenic” personality where we tried to present our company to the world as big and traditional, but realized the real value we deliver is agility, speed, and flexibility. The process was very efficient and effective in bringing our entire executive team to agreement at each step along the way. We are very grateful to Latinbrand for their expertise and patience working with us. — Cynthia A. Sandoval, President of Estrategia

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