This section—dubbed “Salvage” for its rescue-minded approach—presents selections made solely by UnderConsideration of entries across all categories that the judges did not choose for inclusion. We do this not to undermine the judges' selections but to complement them with what we think are appropriate inclusions that complete the breadth of work done in 2011. This year we selected almost double the amount of entries from the ones we salvaged of 2010 work, which means we are either too generous or that this year's judges were hard to please. Regardless, we feel all the work in this section deserves an honorable mention.

CooperVision Inc. by Siegel+Gale
Bluebeard Coffee Roasters by Partly Sunny
Kellogg’s by Interbrand
Lindsey Couchman SubstiTutor by Brent Couchman Design
E-volo Syntern GmbH by Pakaste-Warner Design
Kwelia by Niko Skourtis

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