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Aquatic Exhibits International by Ball & Socket
Aquatic Exhibits International by Ball & Socket


A high-end custom aquarium design firm specializing in large-scale installations, with clients that include hotels, corporate offices, and private residences. The company is bi-coastal, with its headquarters in Long Island, NY.


Create a mark that is stylistically unique to the industry, thus differentiating AEI from their competitors. Their only request was that the logo include an image of a fish. They felt that making this association with the brand was necessary as a way of explaining the services they provide. 


While researching coral reefs and schools of fish, we were most struck by the coexistence of the various species within a confined space—much like the installations the client produces. It became clear that the logo should feature the presence of multiple fish. We created two symmetrical fish in the positive space, leaving the negative space to shape the third fish. In the end, the design captured the feeling of an aquarium: the more you look, the more you find.

Ball & Socket were quick and professional with the branding and design. There was great communication throughout the process, and the result is above and beyond what we could have expected when we first approached them. Their design sets us far apart from our competition while still making it clear what our company does. The feedback we have been getting since the logo went live on our website is nothing short of awesome! — Jared Goldenberg, Head of Marketing of Aquatic Exhibits International

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