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Low Income Investment Fund by C&G Partners
Low Income Investment Fund by C&G Partners


A steward for capital invested in community-building initiatives, serving the poorest of the poor and dedicated to creating pathways of opportunity for low income people and communities, LIIF provides a bridge between private capital markets and low income neighborhoods.


Among Community Development Financial Institutions, LIIF is exemplary for their innovation, vision, leadership, and results. The goal was to design a new brand identity—on par with their achievements—that showcases the crucial connections between their programs, products, and projects.


To convey impact plus stability, the letterforms mimic a bar chart in an upward progression from light yellow-green to dark blue. The dots and connecting crossbars reinforce the support for individuals and families as well as LIIF’s ability to bridge capital markets with low-income communities.

LIIF engaged C&> to rebrand our organization after a period of rapid expansion of new programs and services. We knew our core audiences viewed us as a leader and innovator in our sector but our brand did not reflect those attributes. Our goal was to have a logo that reflected the strength of our organization, our forward-looking vision, and our mission to serve low-income families. That is exactly what we got with our new brand. A year after we launched our new brand, and having used it in a variety of contexts, we are just as thrilled with it. — Samantha Hojo, Marketing & Communications Manager of Low Income Investment Fund

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