September 21 – 22

Chicago, IL


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Brand and Graphic Designer


Los Angeles, CA

Katrina is a freelance brand and graphic designer and the creative lead of Hyper Skin. She was born in Manila and raised in California. She is a designer passionate about creating visuals that tell stories and designing brand experiences that improve everyday lives, especially within the direct-to-consumer market. Kat graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in Sustainable Environmental Design. In her free time, she enjoys learning how to use gouache paints, filming her friends, and eating chicken wings.

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Day 1: September 21

Pali Palavathanan  •  Danny Pemberton  •  Emunah Winer & Margaret Kerr-Jarrett  •  Reggie Snowden  •  Jo Roca  •  Candace Solola  •  Abe Zieleniec  •  Julia Cho & Denny Liu  •  Thomas Kurppa  •  Shar Biggers

Day 2: September 22

Diego Guevara  •  Ade Chong  •  Bijan Berahimi  •  Katrina Romulo  •  Byron Rex Phillipson  •  Kristin Lueke  •  Matt Tanaka  •  Stephanie Falaschetti  •  Taamrat Amaize  •  Zipeng Zhu