September 21 – 22

Chicago, IL


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Chief Creative Officer and co-founder

Kurppa Hosk

Stockholm, SE

Thomas Kurppa is co-founder and the Chief Creative Officer of Kurppa Hosk. He began his career as a producer of electronic music in the early 90s. He started a number of small labels where he produced underground music and designed album covers. Thomas received his professional training at Forsberg School of Design in Stockholm in the mid 90s.

In the late 90s he moved to London to work at Wallpaper* Magazine as a designer. Returning to Sweden, he joined Stockholm Design Lab as a Senior Designer in 2002. In 2009, he co-founded Kurppa Hosk.

Thomas has won numerous awards, including Merit Awards, a Distinction Award from the Art Directors Club in New York, the Tokyo TDC and the Swedish Golden Egg Award.

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Day 1: September 21

Pali Palavathanan  •  Danny Pemberton  •  Emunah Winer & Margaret Kerr-Jarrett  •  Reggie Snowden  •  Jo Roca  •  Candace Solola  •  Abe Zieleniec  •  Julia Cho & Denny Liu  •  Thomas Kurppa  •  Shar Biggers

Day 2: September 22

Diego Guevara  •  Ade Chong  •  Bijan Berahimi  •  Katrina Romulo  •  Byron Rex Phillipson  •  Kristin Lueke  •  Matt Tanaka  •  Stephanie Falaschetti  •  Taamrat Amaize  •  Zipeng Zhu