September 21 – 22

Chicago, IL


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Founder, Graphic Designer


Portland, OR

Bijan Berahimi is an Iranian-American designer and founder of FISK: a studio, gallery and store located in Portland, Oregon. FISK began in 2009 as a graphic design collective while Bijan was studying at California Institute of the Arts. FISK has become an ongoing project based around culture, community and commerce through the lens of art and design. In 2020, he launched JOON Magazine, which captures the arts scene in Portland and showcases the impact of design and print. Bijan approaches graphic design with a playful and open mindset. His practice champions a wide range of ethnicities, voices, and backgrounds and is in dialogue with local and global communities.

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Day 1: September 21

Pali Palavathanan  •  Danny Pemberton  •  Emunah Winer & Margaret Kerr-Jarrett  •  Reggie Snowden  •  Jo Roca  •  Candace Solola  •  Abe Zieleniec  •  Julia Cho & Denny Liu  •  Thomas Kurppa  •  Shar Biggers

Day 2: September 22

Diego Guevara  •  Ade Chong  •  Bijan Berahimi  •  Katrina Romulo  •  Byron Rex Phillipson  •  Kristin Lueke  •  Matt Tanaka  •  Stephanie Falaschetti  •  Taamrat Amaize  •  Zipeng Zhu