September 21 – 22

Chicago, IL


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Julia Cho &
Denny Liu


Studio Aperitif

Chicago, IL

Based in Chicago, Studio Aperitif is a creative design studio with an independent spirit founded in 2021 by husband and wife duo, Denny Liu and Julia Cho. Together, they develop identities, clarify purpose and create experiences for clients in the hospitality and F&B industry.

Denny designs and manages the branding and packaging side of Studio Aperitif, while also working as a designer at The Office of Experience. Over his career, he has created packaging designs and digital experiences for Goose Island Beer Co., Wrigley, Kraft Heinz, and Pepsico brands.

Julia runs the interior design practice of Studio Aperitif, working on projects with clients in the hospitality industry like Hilton and AHC Hospitality. Prior to launching the studio, she built her career designing hotel, casino and restaurant interiors.

With their individual expertise and mutual love of wining and dining, their mission is to stimulate everyone’s appetite for design.

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Day 1: September 21

Pali Palavathanan  •  Danny Pemberton  •  Emunah Winer & Margaret Kerr-Jarrett  •  Reggie Snowden  •  Jo Roca  •  Candace Solola  •  Abe Zieleniec  •  Julia Cho & Denny Liu  •  Thomas Kurppa  •  Shar Biggers

Day 2: September 22

Diego Guevara  •  Ade Chong  •  Bijan Berahimi  •  Katrina Romulo  •  Byron Rex Phillipson  •  Kristin Lueke  •  Matt Tanaka  •  Stephanie Falaschetti  •  Taamrat Amaize  •  Zipeng Zhu