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New York, NY
Tel Aviv, Israel

Waze is a Community powered GPS navigation app. Our mission is to reduce traffic everywhere and make driving as enjoyable as possible.

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In-house team Est. 2019

Waze Brand & Creative


Our in-house Creative Department exists to bring the Waze brand to life for current and future users in interesting and ultimately meaningful ways. That means we work on a wide breadth of project types across the organization – everything from foundational design/tone-of-voice guidelines and tools, to global advertising campaigns, to in-app user communications, to “Drive with…” programs and partnerships (like driving with Halo, Fraggle Rock, Santa, or Boy George). If it involves building awareness, education, trust, or love for our brand and product, our team is usually involved.


Team Members (8+)

(AS OF PUB. DATE: Jan/4/2022)

Danny Adrain

Freelance Art Director

Flavia Cabrera Paz

Freelance Creative Lead EMEA

Alec Donovan

Head of Design

Jeff Gonick

Head of Copy

Yahali Grupi

Freelance Designer

Ryan Lee

Freelance US Creative Lead

Lilah Montgomery Gaspar


Jake Shaw

Head of Creative

On working in-house…


When you’re on an in-house team, you’re able to build a long-term vision for the brand because of all the different things you work on. Whether it’s a one-off user email or a large, international communications platform, you get many chances to figure out how the brand will flex for different contexts. You gain a very intimate knowledge of the brand and its different audiences, which makes concepting and creating that much more intuitive and enjoyable with each new project type that comes along. But more importantly, it enables you to connect all kinds of projects through consistency and a unified point-of-view of how the brand should turn up in the world.Another benefit is that you don’t always need to wait for someone else’s briefs. You get to create your own. In agencies, you’re usually working on a short-term, pre-defined issue for a client. But when you ARE the client, you have a much greater ability to see, affect, and even originate larger strategic work. You’re much more empowered to identify new opportunities and propose new projects.Finally, being in-house gives you the ability to influence and change important or high-profile parts of the brand (like our product experience) that agency partners often don’t have access to.



One challenge working on an in-house team is that it’s easy to become so entrenched in a ‘brand bubble’ that you start to lose the perspective of how everyday users actually experience the product and brand. It can be hard to get that outsider’s perspective. If you’re not careful, you end up creating work that only speaks to a small group of power users and insiders.Another challenge is ensuring that the team is viewed internally as a creative partner, rather than a creative service. Especially for small in-house creative teams like ours, being seen too much as an executional resource can quickly bury us ‘in-the-weeds’ on quick-turn projects – which diminishes our ability to be effective and impactful on a wider scale.

On working with…


Considering the size of our team currently, we manage to do a surprising amount of creative work ourselves. We’re not afraid to punch above our weight in that sense, and we always enjoy when we can bring something from concept to completion only with the skillsets we have on our team. But when a project is really big; or a timeline is really short; or the deliverables list is a mile long; or we’re working in a completely new medium, or we just need something to be taken to that next level, we’re also not afraid to ask for help. We have a growing roster of freelancers and agencies that we love to work with (and who know our brand super well). Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do half as much as we do. And sometimes it’s really helpful to get a new perspective, or some really fresh ideas, from people you trust a lot.



Waze hasn’t always had guidelines – which is impressive for a brand that is loved by so many. In fact, with the help of Natasha Jen and her team at Pentagram, we did our first big brand refresh two years ago and created Waze’s first set of brand guidelines. They’ve been absolutely crucial in helping turn the big ship of Waze so we can head in a different direction. Because our team isn’t huge, and we can’t help everyone make everything, having a set of guidelines that is robust and clear is important. Crafting guidelines for more specific disciplines like illustration, motion, and tone-of-voice has also been a key part of elevating craft and execution across the board. We’re also aware that, while rules and restrictions are great for creating consistency, they can also have a flattening effect and lead to a kind of brand stasis. For this reason, we try hard to balance giving people tools and guidance with creating space for internal and external partners to be creative and explore the unexpected. We want our brand to change, evolve, and grow… which sometimes requires resisting the urge to be too prescriptive.

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