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San Francisco, CA

Okta is the World’s Identity Company. As the leading independent Identity partner, we free everyone to safely use any technology — anywhere, on any device or app. The most trusted brands trust Okta to enable secure access, authentication, and automation. With flexibility and neutrality at the core of our Okta Workforce Identity and Customer Identity Clouds, business leaders and developers can focus on innovation and accelerate digital transformation, thanks to customizable solutions and 7,000+ pre-built integrations. We’re building a world where Identity belongs to you.

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In-house team Est. 2022

Brand and Creative


The Brand and Creative team sits within the Global Studio at Okta. Composed of creatives, strategists, producers, and marketing managers, our ultimate goal is to create ambassadors of the Okta brand and activate our purpose: To build a world where Identity belongs to you. We define and lead the brand — bringing our story to life through powerfully strategic and creatively inspiring work that is undeniably Okta. We strive to continuously innovate, put our customers and prospects first, while empowering our employees to amplify and drive consistency with our brand.


Team Members (29)

(AS OF PUB. DATE: Aug/21/2023)

Ed Armstrong

Sr. Copywriter

Emily Beu

Sr. Production Designer

Mimi Chakravorti

VP, Brand

Christina Choi

Sr. Director, Brand Strategy

Pete Coffey

Director, Film Production

Devin Cornwall

Creative Director, Brand

Austin Couillard

Sr. Designer, Campaigns

Brandon De Jong

Creative Director, Flex

Rebecca Faulkner

Creative Director, Campaigns

Andrew Galu

Creative Lead, Presentation Design

Jono Heath

Sr. Art Director, Brand

Taylor Hilficker

Sr. Manager, Creative Operations

Becky Hui Chan

Creative Director, Events and Experiences

June Kim

Designer, Brand

Blu Klaisuban

Sr. Designer, Events and Experiences

Marina Kong

Creative Director, Digital

Ryan Lundy

Sr. Art Director, Brand

Jason Luster

VP, Executive Creative Director

Michael Mcspadden

Film Director

Guillermo Mesyngier

Sr. Designer

Galen Milne-Hines

Art Director, Digital

Megan Monroe

Brand Strategist

Lily Piyathaisere

Sr. Art Director, Events and Experiences

Bill Ruha

Sr. Copywriter, Digital

Jenn Schmukler

Sr. Lead Copywriter, Campaigns

Hubert Shum

Group Creative Director

Seneya Tilahun

Sr. Broadcast Producer

LauraLe Wunsch

Sr. Broadcast Producer

Yuliana Zhang

Designer, Digital

On working in-house…


You become an expert on the brand and have the ability to shape and define it internally and externally. It can be a long-term endeavor, but you get to see it grow and evolve over time, and see the impact it has on the business and culture of the company. There’s a sense of pride and ownership in everything we do. Shared goals and values
Having alignment on shared goals, values, project priorities, and ambitions across our teams and wider organization helps us commit to more thoughtful solutions, making space for exploration and iteration while crafting a stronger culture in the process.



In being a new team within the organization, we face common growing pains with processes and prioritization. Keeping the team focused on the highest priorities and being mindful of the type of work we take on is always top-of-mind to ensure that our teams don’t get burned-out and everyone can stay creatively engaged and challenged. Creating space to play
Tight deadlines and busy workloads cut into exploration time. It can be very easy to fall into a rinse and repeat process. We try to focus on high impact work and find opportunities to carve out time early-on in our processes to explore and play before narrowing in on a single direction.

On working with…


We bring in freelancers and agencies whenever we need to extend our team. When we don’t have enough resources to take on all of our current projects or when we need specialized skill sets not included in our internal team, like motion design, illustration, 3D, or photography. Bringing in new partners allows us to get outside perspectives and helps us see things in a new light. The most important thing is that whomever we bring in, we work as one team.



We hold the belief that all brands grow, but iconic brands grow with purpose. Our Brand Guidelines help our teams align on a common language and system in order to grow the brand in ways that remain inextricably linked to our brand purpose — to build a world where Identity belongs to you — wherever that pushes us in the long-term.

Okta Brand Evolution 2022

Okta Brand Evolution 2022

Okta Brand Evolution 2022

Okta Brand Evolution 2022
Okta Brand Evolution 2022

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Oktane 2022

Oktane 2022
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New York Experience Center
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