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Brooklyn, NY

String and Key is an R&D studio that creates technology that changes how we manage and protect our money. We created Wyshbox, a 100% digital life insurance company, and reimagined the way people look at coverage.

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In-house team Est. 2020

Creative Team


As the in-house creative team at String and Key (makers of the Wyshbox app), we are the driving force behind all things visual. We handle everything from marketing campaigns to product design, animation, copy, and more. We set the overall creative vision and push concepts to create an outstanding end product.

Our UX function is responsible for the usability of the product itself—that means designing a consistent and quality experience, and honing it often to make it the best it can be.

Our Art Dept. function consistently evolves the brand identity. They keep an eye on what’s trending in the market so that they can push our individual style, make bold statements, and stand out from the crowd.

And our copywriting function? Part savvy wordsmiths, part SEO wizards, they craft words that are the perfect balance of clever and clear, helping us connect with our audience in new and refreshing ways.

Altogether, we work with our other in-house teams to produce smart and on-strategy solutions that reflect our brand personality. We’re also driven by a consumer-first mentality that pushes us to stay innovative. (Loving what we do makes things a little easier too).


Team Members (8)

(AS OF PUB. DATE: Jun/27/2022)

Erica Buki

Graphic Designer

Maddy Cuello


John Dorsey


Edwin Endlich

Head of Strategy & Marketing

Micah Heiselt

Head of Creative

John Leidl

Experience Designer

Richan Li


Soong Shin

Director of Design


Senior Copywriter

On working in-house…


We’re a team of specialized experts—we have no need to outsource for the specific knowledge contained within each function. We’re lucky to have a go-to group of talented people who take smart risks and do great work. It’s also easier to have a cohesive vision. Working with the same people day in and day out, you get to know each other quite well. From strengths to weaknesses, where to trust, and where to push—our familiarity with each other enhances both our processes and work.And finally, we’re well versed in our company’s unique wants and needs. We’re able to foresee challenges and provide solutions from a well-informed standpoint.



Working with the same team day in and day out means that we’re tied to a small set of people, experiences, and skills. Sometimes an outside perspective is helpful. We know how to do a certain thing well but may be blind to other options.

On working with…


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Our brand guidelines are essentially an instruction manual on how we communicate our brand. They make their way into everything we create and put out into the world. From the colors we use to the photography we share to the words we write, these guidelines help us stay true to what we’re all about.

Logo 2021
Logo Animation2021
Color Palette2021
Illustration 2022
Design Components2021
Mobile App2021

Advertising 2022
Streaming Video2021
SWAG 2021


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