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Santa Monica, CA

Collab is a creator-centric technology and services company building tools and solutions that help creators grow their audience and earn a living doing what they love. From content rights management to brand partnerships, we help creators win at life and entertain the world.

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Collab Design


We’re a dedicated multidisciplinary design duo responsible for imagining, producing, and cultivating everything branded, visual, and beyond here at Collab. As we work toward establishing Collab’s first in-house design group we wear hats of many shapes and sizes — tackling everything from branding and art direction, to product and experience design, to dabbling in no-code website solutions. We’re stewards of the Collab brand, outwardly elevating and celebrating creator culture, while inwardly supporting our internal teams and fostering a sense of connection to Collab’s values, mission, and purpose.


Team Members (2)

(AS OF PUB. DATE: Feb/27/2023)

Chad Chambers

Co-Creative Director

Justin Baker

Co-Creative Director

On working in-house…


There are plenty of freedoms that come with working for a company that’s also your most important client. As an in-house design team at Collab we’re afforded autonomy to develop processes and workflows that cater to the ways we work best. We produce our own briefs, contribute to our own roadmaps, and double down on the projects we feel deliver the most value. The executive team supports and empowers us to craft standout creative, and shows confidence in the 20 years of industry experience we each bring to Collab. Needless to say perhaps, but this has all been a welcome breath of fresh air!



We embrace one of our core company values more than any other, and that’s “true grit” — doing more with less. We need to be wary of spreading ourselves too thin, or getting entangled in production tasks that larger teams typically get to spread around, while ensuring we have capacity to put our backs into the work that carries the most weight. Since creative fatigue is real — especially for an in-house team — continuously pursuing fresh ideas is essential. Finally, communicating the value and importance of good design to a company that’s only recently engaged with a dedicated design team can be challenging.

On working with…


Occasionally we tap the capabilities of an outside production vendor, however we’re all about handling the creative heavy-lifting in-house. That said, we can’t do it all! We reach out to vendor partners now and then to get a helping hand with production tasks so we can remain focused on the bigger picture. We personally brief vendors on our brand guidelines, and work closely with them to oversee and direct output until it hits the mark.



We’ve gathered the foundational building blocks of the Collab brand into a highly accessible internal site that doubles as a resource HUB for internal teams and outside partners alike. It ensures we maintain a living, breathing, always relevant source of brand truth, and allows us to streamline communication and handoff while we work to continuously push and evolve all aspects of the identity. It’s been critical in providing our colleagues and vendors with the tools they need to represent the brand in a cohesive and consistent way.

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