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New Berlin, NY

Chobani is a food maker with a mission of making high-quality and nutritious food accessible to all people, while elevating our communities and making the world a healthier place.

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Consumer Products: Food

In-house team Est. 2017

Chobani Creative


Our team fights for happily ever after. We believe in and harness the power of creativity to further Chobani’s mission of bringing good food to all people. That comes to life through a variety of streams—most notably packaging, campaigns, experiential, brand moments, and internal initiatives.


Team Members (34)

(AS OF PUB. DATE: Nov/5/2021)

May Aboubakr

Senior Director, Creative Operations

Alexandra Berlin

Senior Producer

Michael Ciancio

VP Creative

David Cohen

Senior Retouching Artist

Simone Cutrì

Senior Designer

Mark DiNoia

Senior Studio Manager

Michaela Early

Senior Designer

Jillian Esposito

Project Manager

Wilma Faget

Senior Digital Producer

Lauren Fein

Senior Producer

Dane Feldman

Managing Editor

Lauren Festa

Creative Copy Lead

Connor Hammond


Lauren Hodges

Senior Designer

Allyn Hughes

Design Director

David Isaac

Head of Creative Production

Ranise Jackson

Project Manager

Kristy Kelly

Senior Producer

Jin Kim

Senior Designer

Gabrielle Lamontagne

Design Director

Talia Levinas




Luisa Makula

Project Manager

Julia Panek

Art Director

Glen Pannell

Senior Production Artist

Emily Raively

Senior Production Artist

Terrence Sanchez

Senior Project Manager

Leticia Sarmento

Senior Designer

Michael Skinner

Senior Production Artist

Thomas Stevens

Director of Studio, Packaging & Retouching

Tracie Susalis-Braunstein

Production Artist

Anisa Suthayalai

Creative Director

John Vetter


On working in-house…


Falling in love with one client. We’re lucky enough to have created a visual identity and brand world that’s ripe for exploring. Inspired by both American and Turkish traditional folk art, our brand strikes a balance of paying homage to our roots, while also highlighting where we’re headed. We believe this world is full of uncharted territory, and that’s what we aim to set out and explore at the onset of every project. Visibility into the entire business. On the agency side, it’s quite customary to react to a specific brief. Internally, we still react to briefs, but it comes with the added knowledge of seeing exciting stuff happening across the organization at all times. We naturally leverage that knowledge to feed into our creative response and connect the dots between streams where possible. Creating briefs ourselves. When we see an opportunity for the brand to take part in a conversation, we jump on it. A great example of that is our #FillUpTheirPlate campaign from two years ago. In partnership with our Communications and Marketing teams, we brought national attention to a local issue by clearing lunch debt in schools where lunch shaming was happening, and invited other brands to take part on social media. This turned into legislative conversations that brought the issue to local and federal government officials.



Prioritizing! Over the last few years, our team has developed wonderful relationships with teams across the organization, and we’re just hungry to do it all (no pun intended!). But how do you decide what’s priority when you see a lot of stuff with equal importance? Whether our creativity is helping the Demand team drive awareness and sales, or working with the People team to create compelling internal initiatives that help recruit and retain top talent, we get so excited about it all that determining what gets all the love can sometimes be a challenge.

On working with…


We collaborate with multidisciplinary artists, partners, and creative talent across the board—most importantly, to help provide a fresh perspective on the brand and support us on highly specialized projects. We call it our Friends and Family Network.



From product and marketing to content and packaging, everything that the team creates is recognizable as Chobani. The elements in our visual system are building blocks—we’re constantly constructing new things. Our guidelines have been in constant evolution since the company has branched out of the dairy aisle. They help us maintain a consistent essence and allow the brand to be expressive. We’re currently working on a digital version that is more easily editable and shareable.

Various illustrations, Clockwise from top left: Emma Roulette, David Huang, Cari Vander Yacht, Min Heo, Aran Quinn, Kate Dehler
Various illustrations— Clockwise from top left: Emma Roulette, David Huang, Cari Vander Yacht, Min Heo, Aran Quinn, Kate Dehler
Oat Packaging, Illustration: Luke Best
Oat Packaging — Illustration: Luke Best2019
Oat OOH Campaign
Oat OOH Campaign
Oat OOH Campaign
Chobani Oat: Almost Milk Campaign2020
Probiotic Non-Dairy Drinks, Illustration: River Cousins
Probiotic Non-Dairy Drinks— Illustration: River Cousins, Katie Scott — 2020
#FillUpTheirPlate Campaign
#FillUpTheirPlate Campaign
Chobani Café
Chobani Café
Chobani Café Pride, Illustration: Ohni Lisle
Chobani Café Pride— Illustration: Ohni Lisle — 2019
Chobani Ends Child Hunger, Illustration: Subin Yang
Chobani Ends Child Hunger— Illustration: Subin Yang — 2021

Chobani Coffee, Illustration: Jonathan Schubert, Photography: Grant Cornett
Chobani Coffee— Illustration: Jonathan Schubert — Photography: Grant Cornett — 2020
Chobani Cookbook, Illustration: Cari Vander Yacht
Chobani Cookbook, Photography: Chelsea Craig
Chobani Cookbook, Illustration – Cari Vander Yacht
Chobani Cookbook— Illustration: Cari Vander Yacht — Photography: Chelsea Craig — 2020
Impossibly Zero Sugar— Director: Roman Coppola
Dear Alice— Collaboration with The Line Animation
Chobani Creative Team
Chobani Creative Team2021


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