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Ann Arbor, MI

Nutshell is an all-in-one CRM and email marketing platform that helps B2B organizations work together to win more deals. Simple enough for any user and sophisticated enough for any business, Nutshell is for teams who are tired of juggling separate sales and marketing tools and don’t want to pay a full-time admin to manage their software. Every Nutshell subscription comes with unlimited CRM contacts, data migration assistance, and world-class live support, all at an extremely affordable price.

Company size




In-house team Est. 2016

The Growth Team


Nutshell’s Growth Team is responsible for driving all inbound lead generation efforts at the company. Content marketing has long been one of our big levers for attracting website visitors, so we spend a lot of time drafting and designing blog content and downloadable resources, filming marketing videos, and producing virtual conferences and webinars.

We’re also responsible for updating and optimizing nutshell.com’s homepage, informational pages, and landing pages, making sure that visitors are efficiently funneled to our free trial or a newsletter signup. As the semi-official “creative services department” for Nutshell, the Growth Team’s other major areas of effort include:

  • Producing images, animations, and copy for paid advertising campaigns
  • Writing and designing all email marketing communications sent to our customers and subscribers
  • Assisting the two salespeople on our team with the creation of sales cadences and other sales collateral


Team Members (4)

(AS OF PUB. DATE: Nov/3/2021)

Ashanté Clemons

Product Marketing Specialist

Ben Goldstein

VP of Marketing

Rebekka Kuhn

Creative Director

Jack Virag

Content Marketing and SEO Strategist

On working in-house…


Everyone on the team has worked at Nutshell for several years, which means we know the brand well enough to know what feels authentic and how far we can push the boundaries. Nutshell has changed so much in terms of product and culture over the years—a normal and necessary part of any company’s life-cycle—and it’s great to be part of the brand’s evolution.



We are a small team with limited person-power; we often have to choose to focus on the projects that will benefit the company the most instead of chasing many different ideas. Without a lot of in-house talent like animators, illustrators and videographers, we rely on specialized outside talent. This creates a lot of project management and increases timelines.With our team mostly WFH during Covid, the shared ideas that come from collaborative, spontaneous in-person conversation has had to be recreated over Zoom. It’s not quite the same but we’ve been able to set aside time for jam sessions when needed.

On working with…


We work with animators for product screenshots, videographers for shooting and editing marketing content and explainer videos, and a small number of freelance blog contributors. We also work with outside web developers for special, large-scale projects such as our migration from WordPress to Webflow. We collaborated with an outside agency for our rebrand in 2020. Since Fall 2020, we’ve relied on a part-time consultant to manage our investment in Google Ads, and are considering hiring for an in-house paid advertising role in the future.



We have a combined visual and writing guide to the brand since both are equally important and used across different teams. New team members are introduced to the brand guidelines during onboarding. Ours is kept as a webpage that’s easy to update and access.

Select blog posts.
Select blog posts2021
BOUNDLESS 2021 virtual conference logo and webpage.
BOUNDLESS 2021 virtual conference logo and webpage2021
CRM Comparison Worksheet.
CRM Comparison Worksheet2020
Scenes from our 12-minute “Intro to Nutshell” video.
Scenes from our 12-minute “Intro to Nutshell” video2021
Free downloadable resources.
Free downloadable resources2021
Company headshots.
Company headshots2021
Email drip for new trials.
Email drip for new trials2021
Monthly “Sell to Win” email newsletter
Monthly “Sell to Win” email newsletter2021
Sales Process Worksheet
Sales process worksheet2020
Customer and company swag
Customer and company swag2021


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