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Benji Peck

Founder & Creative Director

Peck & Company

Nashville, TN

Benji Peck has spent more than fifteen years finessing his branding, design, and illustration skills. As the founder and Creative Director of Peck & Company he holds a client list that spans the country and the world. Benji’s branding work can be seen everywhere from LA and NYC to Atlanta, Cape Cod and even Belgium and Switzerland—not to mention in a number of industry and award publications.

The talent he values most, however, is the one he was born with: people skills. Maybe he inherited them from his grandfather, a traveling preacher, or maybe they came from somewhere far deeper in his Oklahoma roots. Either way, Benji has a knack for connecting with clients in order to truly understand their needs and wants.

He’ll be the first to tell you that his Nashville shop is all about "people before projects." Whether they’re working with household names or boutique brands just finding their voices, Benji always pushes his team to listen closely, think deeply and bring more than just great design to the table. This relationship-based approach has served Peck & Company well over the years (twelve, to be exact), and allowed them to build their business almost entirely on client referrals.

Which, as Benji likes to point out, is further proof that people are worth listening to, and if you treat them right, they’ll return the favor.