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3D animators, compositors, motion designers, producers


Art Director

Piotr Hołub

Creative Director

Michał Pawlik

Sound designer

Wojtek Urbanski


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Platform “n” by mamastudio


A new generation of satellite television. Owned by ITI Neovision, one of Poland’s largest media groups, the “n” DTH platform is the unchallenged leader in the latest TV technologies available on the Polish market. Platform “n” offers the best value of high definition digital television, VOD, and PVR.


Develop the new nPremium identity, as well as the branded on-air and off-air elements for the channels included in the HD package. The identity required a strong relationship to the visual capital already generated by the popular “n” platform, including keeping all the original n HD logo components in place. The new materials also needed to appear as new elements that would build unique associations with the new channels. They needed to highlight new attributes and values such as entertainment, excitement, and creativity.


Our goal was to communicate the high level of quality offered by nPremium HD through the new visual identity. The nPremium HD brand is dynamic and modern. We chose rich colors and smooth color transitions to bring energy. We wanted the viewer to experience the excitement, energy and joy that comes from watching high quality entertainment. The primary version of the nPremium HD logo is spacious and three-dimensional, referencing the depth of image, the richness of content and the overall quality that the “n” platform offers. It is also intended as a nod to the future of 3D television.

Mamastudio understood perfectly how to create a channel identity based on the brand values of the digital TV platform “n”:  Joy, flexibility, openness, and modernity are all reflected in each designed element. The four nPremium channels are a unique pay TV offer on the Polish market. They combine Hollywood blockbusters, premium sports content such as the UEFA Champions League, events such as big name concerts, and high quality documentaries. The animations, shapes, colors, and typography all perfectly match the content strategy of nPremium. The design is consistent within all applications—a true 360-degree brand design! — Thomas Meurer, Project Manager and Creative Consultant at “n” Satellite Television Platform

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