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Bömarzo by atipo
Bömarzo by atipo
Bömarzo by atipo
Bömarzo by atipo
Bömarzo by atipo
Bömarzo by atipo
Bömarzo by atipo


A new coffee and brunch cafe in Gijón, a city of Asturias, at the north of Spain. It takes its name from the famous Italian gardens (and the famous novel by Mujica Láinez), and the atmosphere reminds one of the delis found in Northern Europe.


The client had a limited budget but a personal and concrete idea: to create an alternative to the typical coffee shops in town. The goal was to set up a quiet space for reading and conversation—similar to cafes the clients visited in their travels through Northern Europe—while communicating the couple’s shared love for literature, especially the novel Bomarzo.


We created an identity mark that synthesizes garden entrances by utilizing the letter“o“with dieresis—also a character of Northern European alphabets. The“ö“symbol appears in different ways: either suggested in the images of bömarzo products or subtly integrated into brand messages.

The identity of bömarzo began with atipo’s solid understanding of the focus of the project. The firm contributed an especially innovative typographic treatment that translated well to both paper and digital formats. The work has been highly accepted by current custumers of the cafe and offers multiple possibilities for attractive merchandizing solutions. — Teresa Fernández, Co-founder of bömarzo

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