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Animator, Sound Designer

David Hobizal

Logo Designer

JR Crosby


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Ptarmak by Ptarmak


An Austin, TX, based designery that collaborates with a handful of clients each year. They’re a collection of behavioral analysts and cultural contributors. Ptarmak crafts brands, designs packaging, moves graphics, and makes things—with all their heads, hands, and hearts.


No one asked me to do this, but I knew it needed to be done. JR Crosby (CE-Owner) designed a new PTMK logo, and I flipped out at the chance to get my grubby hands on that AI file. 


It was a great exercise to turn on the guides and let the movements present themselves. Using the pieces and lines that were in the final lockup, I extended, stretched, and exploded them into recognizable but pre-birth forms of their future selves. The offset solids also sparked the idea to have them constantly in a state of agitation—jittering as if electrons around the nucleus of the letters PTMK. 

There’s nothing more positively petrifying than staring at proof I’m working with people who are immeasurably more talented than I. Seeing something I created deconstructed so as to lay bare the evolution of that creative act is an eerie feeling. It’s as though my intuition is the victim of voyeurism on a very deep level. Strangest and scariest of all.., I like it. I’m not sure this isn’t the reason one hires a designer. — JR Crosby, CEO of Ptarmak

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