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Belkin by Wolff Olins
Belkin by Wolff Olins
Belkin by Wolff Olins
Belkin by Wolff Olins
Belkin by Wolff Olins
Belkin by Wolff Olins


Recognized as the global leader in connectivity solutions, this privately held company founded in 1983 is the machine behind innovations designed to give computer and consumer electronics users seamless integration. Today, Belkin continues to provide a diverse mix of networking solutions for people all around the world.


Belkin recognized that in order to increase relevance with retailers and consumers, they needed to shift their focus from manufacturing-led to brand-led. They asked Wolff Olins to help them define their brand purpose and create a new brand expression and identity to carry the brand into the twenty-first century.


To focus the company on the idea that tech exists to serve people, we articulated the brand’s purpose: people-inspired products. The new expression inspired by this strategy—a collection of five dots alluding to the human figure—is named Pip. Pip symbolizes Belikin’s commitment to take inspiration from people and acknowledges the connection between people and the experiences they value most. The new strategy and identity were unveiled at CES 2012, where Belkin debuted new products across its portfolio—each featuring the company’s new identity, and all developed based on an understanding of how technology can make people’s lives better.

Our objective was clear: the Belkin brand purpose needed to translate into a universally understood identity and connect with a global audience. Since we take our inspiration from people and the things they care about, it was critical that we partnered with the right firm to help translate our message into a simple and bold visual statement. Wolff Olins listened, reflected, and challenged our thinking every step of the way. They pushed us beyond our comfort zone and ultimately delivered a result that was not what we expected, but was precisely what we needed. — Ernesto Quinteros, Chief Brand Officer of Belkin

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