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Simson Chantha


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Sofa Kings Cycling Club by Creature
Sofa Kings Cycling Club by Creature
Sofa Kings Cycling Club by Creature
Sofa Kings Cycling Club by Creature


A large collection of local, retired professional bike racers who formed a riding group free from all the obligations of a traditional racing club.


Create an identity that makes the Sofa Kings Cycling Club feel special and (frankly) cool, without the flashiness the cycling industry so often resorts too.


The solution was to inject some dry humor into the club with a dash of old-school toughness. The colors and details help the riders feel polished, not like they’re in a midlife crisis. The name and deconstructed vintage typography show that these guys have paid their dues and are ready to collect on their fun. Membership boomed in year one, quickly signing over a hundred riders. Kits, t‑shirts, and water bottles sold out instantly, but what really mattered was that the team had a lot of pride in their kits and didn’t feel like sissies in them. 

I’ve always had a passion for cycling, but never liked the kits I got designed from the manufacturers. They felt like bad NASCAR. These kits are manly and not too flashy, so old guys like us feel good racing in them. We all own the shirts, bags, and hats. It feels good to be part of the team and to show off that pride. — Dan Nordstrom, CEO of Outdoor Research and Team Owner of Sofa Kings Cycling Club

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