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Creative Director

Simon Endres


Curtis Flanagan

Strategist and Copywriter

Emily Heyward


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CoRise by Red Antler
CoRise by Red Antler
CoRise by Red Antler
CoRise by Red Antler
CoRise by Red Antler


A new kind of merchant bank, delivering specialized financial industry expertise based on a combination of research and development, incubation, and investment banking. CoRise offers timely financial and business expertise that targets startups and companies in the realm of transactional media. 


Create a brand identity and website for CoRise’s new merchant bank specializing in transactional media and emerging technologies. In a time of great market fluctuation, CoRise needed a brand that felt both established and forward thinking. The challenge came in creating a brand that maintained the stability of a financial institution while capturing the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. 


We created a brand that would be new and noteworthy in the banking sector while conveying trust and legitimacy. CoRise represents the merging of insight, analysis, and execution. We created a mark that conveys sturdiness, growth, and progress through the swift, upward motion of a thick, horizontal line. We designed a site that clearly explains CoRise’s new approach to financial investment in unpredictable times. We added depth to the site design through layers of secondary brand language and architectural imagery that emphasize precision and stability. CoRise’s identity merges the steady with the new; expertise meets innovation.

Red Antler made the branding and web design experience as easy and stress-free as possible. From the beginning of the branding process, Red Antler delivered a tailored strategy and design that positioned us to stand out in the financial sector as a new and innovative business while still conveying legitimacy and trust. With a site that is easy to navigate, and well designed, the result has been extraordinarily complimentary feedback and a successful launch. — Dan Ramsden, Founder and CEO of CoRise

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