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Art Buyer

Justine Barnes

Art Director

Anne Elisco-Lemme

Creative Director

Michael Lemme


Michael Lemme
Andrew Pollak


Fernando Decilis
Matthias Heiderich
Stacy Newgent
Richard Schultz

Digital Artist

Faye Champlin


Andrea Ho

Senior Producer

Jessea Perry Hankins

Director of Production

Jacqueline Fodor

Interactive Producer

Matthew Higgins


Parker Channon
Jessea Perry Hankins


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Blurb by Duncan/Channon
Blurb by Duncan/Channon
Blurb by Duncan/Channon
Blurb by Duncan/Channon
Blurb by Duncan/Channon
Blurb by Duncan/Channon
Blurb by Duncan/Channon
Blurb by Duncan/Channon
Blurb by Duncan/Channon
Blurb by Duncan/Channon


The leader in helping consumers and creative professionals create beautiful books. Poised for international expansion at a critical juncture, they were simultaneously solidifying their leadership position, planning for their first-ever brand campaign, and launching a new digital offering. 


In 2005, Blurb essentially invented the category of on-demand publishing. By 2010—though still the industry leader in helping people create beautiful books—the marketplace was crowded. The objective was to create a brand identity and campaign more consistent with Blurb’s values and better position them for the future.


The agency crafted a brand story around Blurb’s core purpose: to help people create and connect through beautiful books. The agency comprehensively reexamined, defined, and updated the brand’s strategy, story, and visual system. The effort included an updated logo and identity system with an emphasis on arresting photography. An integrated campaign helped increase awareness of the idea that everyone has a book, and Blurb is the company to trust with that cherished content. Blurb saw a 37% increase in sales following the campaign launch. Above all, Blurb moves forward with a reinvigorated brand better positioned for an ambitious future.

We are enormously proud of the elegant and arresting work we did with Duncan/Channon to more vividly define our brand to ourselves and consumers. Not only does it feel right to us—at the deepest level, the process of getting to that work, of forging a consensus about who we are fundamentally, and what our mission is—but it helped point the way to many new possibilities for Blurb. As a company that very much believes in design, our experience with D/C reinforced to us that, at its best, design can have an effect far beneath the surface. — Lauren Pattison, Senior Vice President of Marketing of Blurb

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