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Atom by Adsoul
Atom by Adsoul
Atom by Adsoul
Atom by Adsoul
Atom by Adsoul
Atom by Adsoul


A registered brand, from a group of investors, doing various kinds of business. They wanted to start a brand-new motorcycle company selling their own models of motorcycle and providing lower price and assistance services. The company would start with a store.


Create an identity for a new Portuguese brand of motorcycles that will live with other well established brands on the market. A future aim is international expansion. The target is young and urban.


First, the brand characteristics were developed: friendly and able to counteract the prejudice that motorcycles are aggressive and masculine. The logo was designed with fluid forms to transmit movement, freedom, and direction and found reference in the motion of the atom. The two orbits of the symbol suggest both wheels of motorcycles. The typography and colors contribute to a likable and young brand.

The brand creation was a long, complex, and enriching experience. We established the business idea, vision, values, and technical features to be conveyed. We wanted a simple but catchy name that would embody these ideas. This proved to be the right strategy. Adsoul was able to create an image with an eye-catching design, linked to a smart brand, whose added value to the product and services we provide is beyond dispute. In terms of naming, logo, and colors, they sought distinguishing elements to promote brand awareness, and we achieved this uniqueness with Atom. — Zahir Habibo, Executive Secretary of ATOM

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