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Hyun Auh


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GameSpark by Hyun Auh
GameSpark by Hyun Auh
GameSpark by Hyun Auh


A small neighborhood video game store located in Long Island, NY. Customers can buy, sell and trade new and used console video games.


A fun and appealing logo that would attract a youthful audience but that also needed to look professional and established to be able to compete with larger chains. 


The initials of the name were used to create a bursting spark. Using a star-like symbol fit very well because of its classic usage in video games. The type was customized to echo the curves of the logo when used as a lock-up. The client was on a budget so I created a 1‑color business card on a heavy stock that also worked as a promotional “tag,” one that kids might deem collectible and not just be thrown away.

We were starting up a modest video game shop and needed to stand out amongst the larger chains. We realized that our competitors mostly had very mediocre and bland logos and felt that there was an opportunity to bolster our stature through design. We wanted something that would attract kids with a fresh and fun look while at the same time earning the trust of adults by looking professional and established. I believe Hyun accomplished both goals for us because both kids and adults alike would often ask us if we were a chain store. The business cards also met the criteria of catering to both audiences by looking clean and professional but was cool enough that kids would often take a chunk of them as a souvenir. We learned that working with a great designer can help you get the most out of a design project. — Sijoon Park, owner and manager of GameSpark

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