The range of projects within this category is broad: it can be something as limited as a 5-second logo animation for a product or service or something as complex as a whole system of on-air identification materials for a television channel. This category demands a new set of considerations for judging identity work as it's not just a static logo anymore but kits of moving parts, sounds, and gestures that must work together flawlessly. The winners show that logo and identity animation can take any form, from flat digital animations to live-action sequences to voluptuous visual effects. It's not surprising then that the on-air identity system for the Independent Film Channel took top honors in this category, combining the best of all techniques topped off with great humor.

Independent Film Channel (IFC) by Feel Good Anyway
Cooking Channel by Trollbäck + Company
Comedy Central by thelab
Antena 3 TV by Toch Studio
Colr inc. by Topix Animation Studio
Schweet Entertainment by The Ether by MNWG / Aimbush

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