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Filarmonía by Infinito
Filarmonía by Infinito
Filarmonía by Infinito
Filarmonía by Infinito
Filarmonía by Infinito
Filarmonía by Infinito


The first classical music radio station in Peru. It was founded in 1983 as a non-profit organization and its objective is to spread culture through its broadcasting. Their target audience is people of all ages who love culture. 


To formalize their organization was the first challenge. We were also asked to create a design system that would allow the client to produce additional design pieces in-house. They wanted the identity to be modern, young and contemporary so that it would reach more people.


In the category, most logos are formal, traditional, and complex and are often portrayed as old and highbrow. Filarmonía wanted to be a young and contemporary radio station so that they would reach people of all ages. Because of this, we decided not to use a font with serifs and chose a more modern font. Filarmonía’s logo is inspired in the movement of a baton, as this element identifies Filarmonía as the director of a unique radio station.

Classical music doesn’t have to be considered serious or only for scholars, therefore our mission is to promote it, but above all, to prompt spiritual enrichment and the passion it offers us. Our previous identity didn’t represent accurately what we actually are, that’s why we asked Infinito to help us find our real essence. After a very gratifying work process and because of their experience we managed to find ourselves in our identity. What better way to represent Filarmonía than as the baton of a passionate master that runs an orchestra of thousands of Peruvian and international members before thousands of avid listeners of harmony and peace. — Martha Mifflin, general manager of Filarmonía

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