The Logo category also dominated the Student level but, unlike their professional counterparts, neither the entries nor the winners made a significant impression on the judges. Nonetheless, the discussion around the Best of Category was remarkably impassioned, and because these alternatives to real-world brands Bosch and Tom's of Maine were so stylistically different yet equally effective, the judges decided to offer a tie and reward both students.

Bosch by Stephen Menton
Tom’s of Maine by Celia Leung
Shoot! The Online Guide for Shotgun Weddings by Trent Edwards
Guthrie Inns by Brandon Land
Protest Lab by Yisak Kuo
Ooligan Press by Alan Dubinsky
Kranji Countryside Association by Ian Chua
Laughing Rabbit Soap Company by Alicia Hugo
In the Woods Ridgebacks by Aide Gonzales

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