Logo and Identity Animations





Creative Director

Joe Wright

Executive Producer

Marisa Fiechter


Erica Hirshfeld

Art Director

Christina Rüegg


Edwin Santacruz


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Cooking Channel is an entertainment brand dedicated to today’s passionate food lover. From the creators of Food Network, it’s for food people, by food people. 


As the Food Network further develops as an entertainment brand, they wanted to expand with a channel dedicated to instructional cooking, food culture and history. With this goal in mind, the Cooking Channel was born to serve the interests of people who are passionate about food and cooking. In just three months we created a timeless, flexible network design that served as a strong visual foundation and was easily interpreted by internal teams. The campaign established a distinct voice in the loud arena of cooking-related programming and received high praise from the clients. 


Color is a big part of cooking. The five main colors blue, red, purple, green and gray have varying tones, yet allow subtle differentiations to add a little spice wherever needed. We focused on the beautiful food imagery, disassembling dishes and showcasing the individual ingredients. Simple, bold graphics serve only as complementary elements, second to the food, and speak to an audience that is knowledgeable about cooking and appreciates high-quality cuisine.

Trollbäck + Company was a perfect partner to work with for the visual branding of the launch of Cooking Channel and I chose them based on their extensive experience with new brands and relaunches. They have always focused on the key ingredients: logo, fonts, color and clarity of communication, executed with simple but beautiful animation. Trollbäck pitched and delivered a striking package that, though minimalist, is completely in synergy with the fresh, unique and clever programming that the channel offers. Cooking Channel has a look and feel that provides a platform for our beautiful food imagery and clearly communicates with our viewers. — Joanne Harmon, creative director of brand design for Food Network/Cooking Channel

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