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Creative development/direction, on-air system design, writing, research, animation, photography, live imagery, typography, editing, audio supervision

Matt Eller
Bill Morrison

Project partner, direction, design, motion

Lee Schulz



Print Direction

Kristina Mueller

Production, Design

Willie Bogue

Stop-Motion Photography, Prop Wrangler

Bryan Dalton

Motion Designers

Anouck Iyer
Judah Switzer


Judah Switzer


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A cable television network that creates and champions authentic, original content and has cultivated television programming that challenges the conventions of storytelling since 1994.


The Independent Film Channel (IFC) is now “Always On. Slightly Off.” IFC’s vision for the project was to extend the channel’s reach beyond indie film to include a wide selection of indie culture. Music, film, food, sex, gaming, internet shenanigans—all of these categories would be within IFC’s creative domain. They placed a particular emphasis on comedy as a focal point for the new brand, and everything from the logo to promos to the show packaging had to reflect the “Always On. Slightly Off.” sensibilities of the new IFC. 


Everything is “Slightly Off” throughout the system. Logos and text can be placed tastefully within the composition, or they can sit proudly on top of imagery and footage. Colors are a little louder than usual, but they’re grown-up enough to vote. Typography is big and unfussy. Titles live in boxes, just like the tagline. Editing style is direct and unfussy, and tied closely to sound design elements developed by our audio partner Hatfarm.

In 2010, IFC rebranded from “Always, Uncut” to “Always On, Slightly Off.” This change was both an evolution of IFC’s guiding philosophy as well as a shift in the channel’s overall strategy. Our hope was to create a brand that reflected this change in tone while remaining true to our indie roots. The work done by FGA fulfilled these goals in ways that far exceeded our expectations. The end result is a very strong visual brand that’s distinct, authentic, and effective across all media. — Kevin Vitale, vice president creative, brand creative director of IFC

Judge’s Comments
At first more intrigued and enamored by the clever tagline “Always on. Slightly off” than by the rest of the identity program. However, the graphics and typography grew on me in their almost brutal boldness. It all adds up to a great branding program. You can’t ignore it. It’s in your face and very strong. — Steff Geissbuhler

This is successful because it’s so difficult for a TV chain to present its programming with film extracts while keeping its own identity. The realization of this animation proposes with harmony the identity of the chain and its offering of films. — Claudine Félix-Janneau

So much to say and some many sans serifs to say it with. The IFC tagline is great, it stuck with us all weekend. And the work hews closely to the tone of voice. Everything is deliberately just wrong. Perfect. — Jennifer Kinon

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