Logo and Identity Animations





Creative Directors

Alicia Johnson
Hal Wolverton


Keira Alexandra
Kiffer Keegan
Adam McIsaac


Kyle Barron-Cohen
Kiffer Keegan
Adam McIsaac
Editor Eron Otcasek
Roberto Serrini


Allison Pickard
Susie Shuttleworth

Audio and sound design

Joe Johnson
Eron Otcasek

Animation directors

Kiffer Keegan
Catherine Chesters


Daniel Pernikoff
Brian McGee
Chris West
Kiffer Keegan
Joe Lawrence


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The only all-comedy network, currently seen in more than 98 million homes nationwide and airs award-winning programming, including The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, South Park and Tosh.0.


Comedy Central needed a branding solution that more firmly attached the network to their programming while reaching a younger audience. We began with the insights that (1) comedy is inherently social, and (2) the content needed to travel in a branded way across platforms. On a basic branding level, the challenges revolved around issues of scale and transportability that the logo and branding needed to address. Because a network is a brand that houses other brands — shows, content, personalities — we needed to create a system that celebrated the rich content (the programming) without abandoning the providers (the network).


The era of station identifications and television network logos is behind us. This is the era of networks identifying with a set of curated content, content that will appear on a variety of devices, from televisions to mobile phones. We created an identifier that can be flexible in this new media landscape, and can travel across all platforms seamlessly. The Comedymark’s animation is simple and subtle in its humor, but leaves room for play across material. The mark is strongest not when it’s animating in a series of states, but when it tags and owns Comedy Central content across platforms.

The Comedymark and logo system has challenged us to re-imagine a number of branding conventions. The new mark is strongest when it simply brands or marks its content. It is an editorial statement in its own right and doesn’t require bells and whistles or elaborate animation to be any more effective. It needs to brand a moment, and in that, it makes its statement. This direction helps us ensure that our content is always the priority. Our content is funny and accessible everywhere, and the new mark clearly and effectively stakes its claim on any platform. — Chris Scarlata, on-air design director of Comedy Central Brand Creative

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