Logo and Identity Animations





Designer, Art Director, Animator

Emrah Gonulkirmaz

Sound, Music:

Mert Kizilay


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A color grading — the process of manipulating and enhancing the color of motion or still images — studio specializing in advertising. It has worked on spots airing in Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia.


Create a unique motion design piece. The only directive given was that it would have to include the logo somehow.


When I first saw the existing logo of Colr it reminded me of abstract painter Kenneth Noland’s painting “Beginning.” This kind of directed me to color field painting era. The colors of the logo were prominent enough to execute it in a minimal way. For me the question was, how I can get out of the circular borders of the logo without losing the colors and the main shape of it? The main inspiration came from the painter Morris Louis and his color field paintings. I decided to combine these two ideas in my design (colors and stripes) and execute it with strands as simple as possible and create the concept of the birth of Colr, expanding the idea with a smooth motion that is integrated with the logo and typeface and observes the sheer beauty and impact of color.

We were unanimously (and very pleasantly) surprised by the unique approach taken by Emrah. The final piece is spectacular, absolutely fresh and it really allows COLR to stand out. We not only are planning on using the final product as is but hope to incorporate elements, or moments of it in other applications: print, web, etc. — Sylvain Taillon, president of Colr Inc.

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