Logo and Identity Animations





Creative Director

Greg Kupiec

Designer, Animator

Kunio Ogo

Sound Designer

Keith Ruggiero


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A new production company headed by Jack Osbourne located in Hollywood that has just finished their first film: a documentary about Ozzy Osbourne, titled GOD Bless Ozzy Osbourne, released into the film circuit in Spring 2011.


Jack had a very specific idea for Schweet Entertainment (“schweet” is a saying that he and his friends have used for years to describe something cool or “sweet”). His initial idea consisted of three birds in a nest tweeting until the third “ugly duckling” bird yelps out a “SCHWEET!” The main challenge was figuring out what the hero bird’s personality and look would be.


Being a motion graphics firm we realize that the most important part of our field is still the concept, design and typography. Even though the logo would eventually be animated, we never detracted from the realization that it had to tell a story and work as a logo first. Solving the look of the hero bird was tough as we explored hundreds of sketches and dozens of solutions. We eventually got rid of the nest idea to have the birds perched on a barbed wire. Then we chose to create a moment of transformation where the hero bird gets struck by lightning and becomes “punk rock” as opposed to an ugly duckling. Sound design also played a huge role and was a fun part of the process tying in personal aspects of Jack’s punk rock background into the mnemonic.

Working with The Ether is comparable to having a finely tailored suit hand-made for you on Rodeo Drive. I came to The Ether with a general idea of what I’d like my company’s logo to be. Shortly after some brainstorming, Greg and his team developed and produced a work of art that perfectly represents my company and its brand values. I would recommend The Ether to anyone who is seeking brand or visual support at the highest level. — Jack Osbourne

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