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Nigerian Eagle Airlines by Interbrand


Air Nigeria (formerly Nigerian Eagle Airlines and Virgin Nigeria Airways), is the national flag carrier of Nigeria. The airline operates scheduled regional and domestic passenger services and is based in Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos. The airline is a replacement for defunct Nigeria Airways. 


Based on a strategy of returning to its more authentic, West African roots, the challenge was to create a unique mark that could generate interest and curiosity. The initial identity revolved around Nigeria as the wordmark and a literal eagle as a symbol. Interbrand believed this symbol would compete in a very saturated market of eagle icons, though, and would leverage the differentiating power of a world-class brand. 


National pride and West African cultural flavors were intertwined, whilst the use of balanced geometry created an impression of stability and safety for the new airline. An analysis of uniquely West African colors was undertaken, and inspiration came from the rich kaleidoscope of African patterns in cloth that are so proudly worn by West African people. The colors green, red, black, and yellow were favored, with the nationalistic green being paramount in the design. This profusion of color was arranged in such a way that it would create an eye-catching experience.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This is precisely what we did when Nigerian Eagle Airlines became the first airline in West and Central Africa to create an aspirational brand, and only one company in Africa could have pulled it off; that’s why we chose the masters of brand creation, Interbrand. — Captain Dapo Olumide, CEO of Nigerian Eagle Airlines

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