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Ted Perez + Associates by Ted Perez + Associates
Ted Perez + Associates by Ted Perez + Associates


A Venice, CA-based digital creative agency.


Create a mark that didn’t necessarily throw the company name or nature of the business down your throat. The mark was to be timeless and feel as if it could be for a law firm, government agency or any well respected business. The only element that was to be carried over from the previous logo was “the bull” — the company’s trademark symbol. Rather then incorporate the name “Ted Perez + Associates,” we opted to include the company motto, ”Industry, Instinct, Integrity.” 


Old letterheads, logos, seals and crests were used as inspiration. The finished logo borrows the etched, detailed aesthetic of old postage stamps and currency with a more polished approach to provide an updated flare. The bull was redesigned to face forward as he crests the horizon. This positioning is significant as it symbolizes strength and the readiness to take challenges head on, while cresting of the horizon symbolizes “achievement.”

As Ted Perez + Associates approached its sixth year in business the company had grown and matured significantly. The former identity and logo were no longer a fair representation of the company nor the rich history of the company’s legendary patriarch, Ted Perez. The new logo displays strength, integrity and will endure the test of time and trends. Since its debut, the new mark has been well received by our clients, partners, peers, friends and families. It has also instilled a new sense of pride within the company itself. —Taj Tedrow, chief of Ted Perez + Associates

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