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Creative Directors, Designers:
Deroy Peraza
Julia Vakser


Jason Lynch


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UNICEF by Hyperakt
UNICEF by Hyperakt
UNICEF by Hyperakt
UNICEF by Hyperakt
UNICEF by Hyperakt
UNICEF by Hyperakt


The driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized. UNICEF’s Voices of Youth program strives to offer all children and adolescents a safe space where their voices will be heard: a place online where they can explore, learn, discuss, and grow together.


UNICEF is committed to remain relevant to a new generation of supporters. The goal of the Voices of Youth program is to create an online portal for self expression that serves as the sole entry point for children and young people from all over the world into all the activities offered by UNICEF and the new Voices of Youth community. Voices of Youth’s new identity has to be relevant to the youth audience participating in meaningful dialogue on the site, to internal UNICEF and UN stakeholders, and to academia.


We set out to create a friendly logo, adaptable to various languages, that embodies the Voices of Youth brand: a dynamic, global platform for youth dialogue and self expression. The speech symbol in the mark serves as a container and springboard for the brand’s extended identity. An icon system and color palette was developed to represent the various issues discussed by community members, such as education, child rights, HIV and AIDS, violence, and gender equality. The icon system is used to identify areas within the site as well as for issue-specific print materials.

Hyperakt did an impressive job in designing a brand that works perfectly well with our very heterogeneous audience. Designing for a global youth while providing a strong local element in the logo with such finesse, flexibility, and beauty is truly a work of art. Thank you! — Cherif Zouein, consultant for youth section, division of communications, UNICEF

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