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Creative Director

Matteo Bologna

Art Directors, Designers

Andrea Brown, Steven Jockisch


Andrea Brown, Darren Farrell, Steven Jockisch

Type Designers

Matteo Bologna, Joshua Darden


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Brooklyn Fare by Mucca Design
Brooklyn Fare by Mucca Design
Brooklyn Fare by Mucca Design
Brooklyn Fare by Mucca Design
Brooklyn Fare by Mucca Design
Brooklyn Fare by Mucca Design


A gourmet market in downtown Brooklyn, NY, that offers a selection ranging from high-end prepared foods to everyday basics. 


Name the market, create the entire retail experience, and develop an advertising campaign and online presence. A particular challenge was to attract two different demographic groups: a daytime business crowd working in nearby office buildings and affluent residents of incoming condos.


A key focus of our branding strategy was to give the store a unique voice to gain attention in an emerging neighborhood and distinguish it from its chain store competitors, which came through in a literal manner, with irreverent text as the focus of the brand. We took great care to achieve the right tone, writing copy with a smart humor that New Yorkers would respond to. Because the brand is based on text meant to engage the customer, we created a proprietary typeface, Fare Serif, to echo the same playful tone. From store signage to packaging to employee uniforms, Brooklyn Fare speaks to consumers in a language that makes the daily grocery run a little more palatable.

When we began the design process with Mucca, they presented us with a well thought-out strategic plan that really addressed our challenges as a new gourmet market in a developing area with well-established chain stores. Our intention was to communicate with our customers in a direct and friendly way, like a true neighborhood corner shop. The solution they developed is straightforward, smart, and effective, with a local flavor that has been extremely well-received. — Mr. Issa, owner of Brooklyn Fare

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