October 10 11

2024 Brand New Conference

Salt Lake City, UT


Kesia Nielsen

Founder & Creative Director


Salt Lake City, Utah

Kesia Nielsen is the Founder and Creative Director of Braaand, a holistic branding and design studio committed to crafting timeless branding, mindful messaging, and exciting designs for businesses with a greater vision than just numbers. By embedding purpose into the core of each brand, Braaand empowers businesses to champion their audience and take pride in what they’re building through a creative signature style.

Kesia’s journey in the design world began shortly after earning a degree in Graphic Design, where she quickly discovered her passion for creating unique visual identities. She saw it as a design system rooted in emotional intelligence and real human empathy, bringing depth to design. This realization propelled her career evolution from graphic designer to creative director, to brand strategist and designer, and ultimately, to studio owner.