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Scott Na'auao

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Bernard Uy


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Wall-to-Wall Studios

Breadshop by Wall-To-Wall StudiosBreadshop by Wall-To-Wall StudiosBreadshop by Wall-To-Wall StudiosBreadshop by Wall-To-Wall StudiosBreadshop by Wall-To-Wall StudiosBreadshop by Wall-To-Wall Studios


A craft bak­ery located in Hon­olulu, HI. Owned and oper­ated by Christo­pher Sy, an arti­sanal bread maker who bakes for a local audience—individual cus­tomers, and restau­rants alike—that value the qual­ity of fresh regional food.


Christo­pher, owner of Bread­shop, needed an iden­tity sys­tem that show­cased his unique prod­uct and could be repro­duced in cost-effective ways. Bud­get was lim­ited and due to the hand-crafted nature of the prod­uct, iden­tity items such as busi­ness cards and pack­ag­ing needed to be able to be repro­duced in small quantities.


The con­cept is inspired by the idea of “ter­roir” which defines how the geog­ra­phy, geol­ogy, and cli­mate of a cer­tain place affects locally pro­duced wine, cof­fee, tea, or bread. Based on this notion that bread is unique to its envi­ron­ment, the iden­tity focuses on the unique tex­ture of Breadshop’s bread. The mark for this brand is a series of bread loaves bro­ken in half to form a mono­gram, which also con­notes the idea of fel­low­ship through “break­ing bread.” The tagline “Estab­lished Daily” is a witty nod to the fresh­ness and cus­tom nature of the product.

As a new micro-artisan bak­ery with extremely lim­ited resources but absurdly high stan­dards, Wall-to-Wall Stu­dios was faced with the dif­fi­cult chal­lenge of mak­ing us look more estab­lished than we actu­ally are. Their solu­tion empha­sizes the hand-crafted nature of our prod­uct and unites its tra­di­tional and rus­tic qual­i­ties with the mod­ern and urban envi­ron­ment where Bread­shop lives. “Estab­lished daily” is an excel­lent encap­su­la­tion of the con­stant, daily stew­ard­ship that we believe is at the core of good bak­ing. — Christo­pher Sy, Owner of Breadshop

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