Sustainability Award




Page Count

Number of Colors

1-6 custom mixed



26 × 40

Paper Stock

100% Post consumer recycled paper

Special Techniques


Executive Creative Director

Chris Campbell

Creative Director

Craig Stout

Design Director

Forest Young

Senior Designer

Ross Clugston


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Posters for Speaker Series by InterbrandPosters for Speaker Series by InterbrandPosters for Speaker Series by InterbrandPosters for Speaker Series by InterbrandPosters for Speaker Series by InterbrandPosters for Speaker Series by Interbrand


Inter­brand New York is wide and diverse. Strate­gists to design­ers, mar­keters to finan­cial man­agers. They are music junkies, food­ies, and from all cor­ners of the globe. Each depart­ment is iso­lated by their respon­si­bil­i­ties to their clients and ven­dors, but joined together by a com­mon love for brands.


The World Chang­ing Speaker Series needed a medium to mar­ket the event to agency depart­ments, and exter­nal third party providers, with a con­nec­tive thread between the six speak­ers. Keep­ing bud­get and waste in mind, the agency wanted to offer each speaker an addi­tional ges­ture of appreciation.


We designed a series of six silkscreened posters that evolved over the course of the World Chang­ing Speaker Series. As a metaphor for the accu­mu­la­tion of knowl­edge, the con­tent for each speaker’s poster was screened over the pre­vi­ous announcement—creating a col­or­ful arti­fact of the series. The posters first announced each lec­ture, then were pre­sented as limited-edition gifts to each speaker. Made from 100% post con­sumer waste recy­cled paper, the posters used a sixth of the mate­ri­als from tra­di­tional processes and extended the usable lifes­pan of each announce­ment from one week to five months.


As the poster evolved each week, the lay­er­ing of inks proved to be a chal­lenge. With a finite num­ber of posters, any mis­takes or incon­sis­ten­cies had to be dealt with as happy acci­dents. The upside of this is that no two posters were ever the same. If we were to do this over, we would have screened dou­ble the amount of posters (the set sub­mit­ted to the FPO Awards is our last set in existence).

Judge’s Com­ments
I thought that Interbrand’s World Chang­ing Speaker Series posters were an inven­tive and inno­v­a­tive approach to sus­tain­abil­ity. The re-use of a sin­gle set of posters and adding addi­tional impres­sions as the series pro­gressed not only spoke to sus­tain­abil­ity but, also was also sym­bolic of a larger concept—looking back on the build­ing of knowl­edge. It was a unique blend of con­cept and exe­cu­tion. Kudos. — David Dodde

This poster series has a really inter­est­ing concept—reusing each event’s poster for the next event in the series. So clever! Not only is it a great way to con­serve resources, but it rep­re­sents a cohe­sive­ness within the event series and the lay­er­ing of ideas and knowl­edge. brad murph

At first I didn’t know what to think about these large brown posters. They were kind of messy and disheveled from a design point of view, and the silkscreen print­ing was uneven and out of reg­is­ter. But when I looked closer it dawned on me that this was an addi­tive poster series and what we were look­ing at was the cumu­la­tive effect of a half-dozen posters lay­ered on top of one another. The con­tent for each of six event posters was screened over the pre­vi­ous poster, sym­bol­iz­ing the accu­mu­la­tion of knowl­edge and the idea of change, as in “World Chang­ing.” It was also a sus­tain­able approach because there were only six posters printed that per­formed dou­ble duty (actu­ally they per­formed a sex­tet of pur­poses). Reams of paper didn’t end up in the dump­ster at the con­clu­sion of this event. In the end what won me over, and what always wins me over, is the fact that there was an orig­i­nal idea here. An actual idea—a con­cept. And that’s a rare and beau­ti­ful thing. — DJ Stout

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