Page last updated: November 14, 2023

The number one most common question

Is First Round available for streaming or downloading?

Streaming: Yes! (Although not live.)
Downloading: No.
Read all about the streaming option here and check each event page to see if it’s available for remote access.

Covid-19 Policies

Face coverings inside the venues are optional. Full COVID-19 safety acknowledgement, liability waiver and release of claims can be found here


Do you need volunteers?

Yes! Please use this Google form to see responsibilities and express interest for your preferred event.

Does it cost?

No. You don’t pay anything and you get to see a good amount of speakers.

Does it pay? Do you cover any costs?

It doesn’t pay but we do cover the cost of lunch and local transportation/parking.


When is the last day I can cancel my attendance?

2 weeks prior to the event. If the event is on, say, Friday May 15, the last day to cancel is Friday May 1. The registration page for each event has the specific date.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes. See deadlines below.
15 days or more before event: $25.00
1 – 14 days before event: No refund available.

I was not able to attend because [insert reason], can I get a refund?

No. We saved you a seat, printed you a nice badge, and we are still on the hook for all of our expenses.


When is the last day I can transfer my ticket to someone else?

1 week prior to the event. If the event is on, say, Friday May 15, the last day to transfer your ticket is Friday May 7. Email us with the new name and email address of the person now attending.

It’s less than 1 week before the event, can someone go in my place?!

Yes. We will not process name changes so the new person can just check in under your name.

Can I change from in-person attendance to remote access or viceversa?

Yes. Since the price is the same, you can switch between the two options at any time and at no cost. If an event is near capacity and likely to sell out, a deadline for changing will be specified on the event page or a notification will be sent by email.


I’m excited to be coming but will I be receiving any kind of additional information?

Yes. Between 5 and 7 days before the event. We will send you a nice, long email with a lot of details.

I haven’t gotten any additional information, what do I do?!

Check your junk folder for an email from First Round (firstround@underconsideration.com). If there is nothing there, our email is getting blocked at the server level. Email us and we’ll forward you a copy.

Is there a mother’s room?

Yes, always. Ask our volunteers.

Can I leave my suitcase with you if I’m flying out the night of the event?

Yes, but we are not responsible for it. It’s not an official coat check. We will most likely stash it in a room with all of our other stuff.

Is there a Code of Conduct?

Yes, please see here.