Remote Access

Please read carefully!


Each city/event will be handled independently as we need to get permission from the majority of the speakers as well as determine the availability of the technical needs for each venue. Not all cities/events will be available.

This is NOT a livestream

Remote access will be available AFTER each event. Videos for each event have to be manually edited and we try to have them available no later than 7 calendar days after the event has taken place.

Access expiration and limitations

Remote access will only be available for a period of 15 days — after that, the videos will be removed.

Videos will not be available for download, you can only watch them online.

A few days prior to the streaming dates you will receive an email with the URL and login information where you can watch the videos.

In-person attendees will also receive remote access with their registration.

Pre-registration is required

You can only purchase remote access up to the day before each event. On the day of the event and once the event has passed, remote access will not be available anymore.

There is no à la carte ordering of single sessions. You are purchasing access to the whole event, just like you would if you were attending in person.

Switching from In-person to Remote

If you purchased an in-person ticket, you may change it for a remote access registration at no cost and at any point. If an event is near capacity and likely to sell out, a deadline for changing will be specified on the event page or a notification will be sent by email. Please email us to make that change.


Videos for each session will be presented in a single, password-protected page from where you will be able to play each session.

Videos will be formatted as the example below so the slides are nice and big while you also get a good look at the speaker and their respective gestures.

Sample stream file

Why all the limitations?

Respect for the content

It is already a stretch of their comfort level for many designers and their clients to present first round files in public so this is our way to control the exposure and broader distribution while minimizing the potential misuse of these presentations.

The equal cost of in-person tickets and remote access is because First Round events are 100% about the content. At the live event there are no goodie bags, no sponsors, no networking sessions… not even coffee.

The reason for pre-registration and non-availability after the event is to replicate as close as possible the nature of attending an event in-person… you either catch it or you don’t.