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Stu Taylor

Playbook by Stu Taylor


A sports team man­ag­ing app that links directly to its users’ Face­book account. Cur­rently it’s a small ded­i­cated team that is pas­sion­ate about cre­at­ing an app that blows away the com­pe­ti­tion and pro­vides a rich fun expe­ri­ence for their users.


Play­book had the begin­nings of an iden­tity, but they knew it wasn’t rep­re­sent­ing them the way they needed. So, we blew it up and started over, includ­ing renam­ing the com­pany. They kept empha­siz­ing the social aspect of their app since it was the only one on the mar­ket that con­nected directly through Face­book. Ulti­mately, that is what set them apart from their com­peti­tors. One major road­block we kept run­ning into was how to rep­re­sent a fun expe­ri­ence as well as sports with­out being too sport spe­cific. Although many of the ini­tial logos were well received, Play­book was still wor­ried users would think their sport wasn’t an option in the app.


The num­ber one thing that influ­enced me was the per­son­al­i­ties of the Play­book crew. They’re fun, friendly guys who enjoy win­ning their club soc­cer game as much as grab­bing beers after­wards. I wanted that per­son­al­ity reflected in the iden­tity. Our final land­ing spot takes sports’ ubiq­ui­tous sym­bol­ism of dia­gram­ming plays and mixes it with an image every­one can relate to: a smi­ley face. The big win of the mark was avoid­ing high­light­ing or exclud­ing any one sport. Also, renam­ing the app Play­book helped rein­force its ties to Facebook.

The design con­cept for Play­book as an app for ama­teur sports was to make the tone friendly, the brand­ing and user inter­face clean, and con­vey the sim­plic­ity of the app. The design flowed through a few iter­a­tions that helped us dis­cover the true iden­tity of the project while the com­plex­ity was stripped out of the design to focus on the ini­tial guid­ing prin­ci­ples. The design process helped us think about the user through every step and we came to a brand that clearly defines our pur­pose and tells a story to the user about what they can expect from our app. — Robert O’Neill and John East­man, founders of Playbook

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