Highlighting the work and the people of in-house design, communication, and brand teams from companies around the world.



The success of In-house In-focus will be relative to the amount of submissions we receive, so we happily encourage and eagerly expect as many in-house teams to nominate themselves for being included. Do not, for a second, worry about feeling weird or self-promotional-y about nominating your own team. We have created this publication for the sole purpose of bringing attention to your efforts. Having said that, please see below for some criteria and requirements that we have set up for editorial consideration as this isn’t meant to be an open directory but a curated selection that represents the best in in-house design.

How to submit for consideration

After looking at the deliverables and criteria below, please email us with a short description of your team, the company you work for, what the company is or does, and three samples of recent work. A quick example, below:

We are a team of five — some designers, some copywriters — working for Widgetly, a company in Springfield making widgets for left-handed people working in farming.

Do not submit the full questionnaire from the deliverables below as we don’t want you to spend a lot of time on this before getting the green light.


The biggest challenge in being featured is the time and energy resources needed on your end to gather all the materials and answer all the questions that make up each feature. All elements of each feature are required in order to be published — the only element that is semi-optional are the org charts as we understand that legal departments are not super happy about these being published. Below is a preview and link to a PDF of everything that needs to be completed so please take a look to make sure you will be able to supply everything.

Questionnaire Preview



  • In-house teams from all kinds of companies are welcome: for-profit or nonprofit; in the U.S. or anywhere in the world; small or large; local or global; b2b or b2c; working in the cultural or corporate or entertainment or consumer sector… it doesn’t matter!
  • In-house teams of all sizes are welcome: whether you are one person or a team of 50.
  • We are focusing on design, brand, marketing, and communication teams made up of graphic designers, illustrators, art directors, copywriters, animators, and more. Front- and back-end designers and developers would be part of product teams.
  • Work produced by the in-house team can be in any medium: print or digital; social media or out of home advertising; packaging or web; trade show booths or PowerPoint presentations… if it’s meant to represent your company out in the world, it counts.


This is a little trickier and harder to put into bullet points but we are looking for quality work that is visually exciting, narratively engaging, and that will attract the attention of a wide audience. That means, not all submissions/nominations will be published.

We — as in UnderConsideration — have been curating content for over 15 years and have developed a good approach to curation that is able to be both selective and inclusive to accommodate various ranges of work, experience, and impact.