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8.75 × 5.75

Paper Stock

PVC Vinyl, Translucent Fluorescent, Pink

Special Techniques

Foil stamp


Creative Director

Roanne Adams


Tadeu Magalhães


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Invitation for Honor by RoAndCo StudioInvitation for Honor by RoAndCo StudioInvitation for Honor by RoAndCo StudioInvitation for Honor by RoAndCo Studio


Hon­or is a high-end women’s cloth­ing brand led by design­er Gio­van­na Ran­dall in New York, NY. With no detail left untouched, every aspect of the brand aims to deliv­er lux­u­ry and sophis­ti­ca­tion. Hon­or trans­lates the twen­ti­eth-cen­tu­ry her­itage of an old-world ate­lier in a wear­able, vis­cer­al fashion.


For their Fall 2013 fash­ion show, Hon­or asked RoAnd­Co to design a unique invi­ta­tion that reflect­ed the inspi­ra­tion of the col­lec­tion, which ranged from col­or­ful gem stones to 1990s par­ty cul­ture, while also grab­bing the atten­tion of the fash­ion industry—all with­in a tight time­line and bud­get constraints. 


Using flu­o­res­cent pink vinyl in place of typ­i­cal card stock, we foil stamped the bold text-based art­work in neon pink to cre­ate a fresh and strik­ing invi­ta­tion. The com­bi­na­tion of neon shades and unusu­al mate­ri­als made for a piece that was eye-catch­ing and memorable. 


Working with vinyl proved to be a complicated process. At first, we had issues with sourcing the exact material we needed in New York, as the suppliers did not have enough in stock to produce 2,000 invitations at the desired dimensions. We began by testing both blind embossing and foil stamping on the material. Blind embossing was not very successful in showing the details, and each foil brand reacted differently on the vinyl. After a few weeks of experimenting, we finally found a foil brand that adhered perfectly to the vinyl and achieved the desired effect.

Judge’s Comments
I was drawn to this project for a few reasons: 1) Pink on Pink; who does not love that. 2) the materials used took a lot of experimentation to get this look; it’s not easy to predict the result until you do it. It stood out from all the paper based designs we judged; you are just drawn to it and when you touch it—it feels like an event in the making. 3) The type is simple, but perfect for the project. It has great POP and relates to what you might see at the actual fashion show. 4) Reminded me of a touch screen but in print. — Pum Lefebure

Seemingly impossible to conceive (and even more difficult to reproduce on a reflective medium like printing), this piece manages to pull off something I never thought possible, much less even considered—fiber optics! It’s a hot stamp on day-glo plastic material. That’s all! See how the edge of the plastic material catches the light and makes that edge virtually illuminate? Well, the designer realized (somehow) that when you simply hot stamp onto the material, the typography and artwork TOO would become a fiber optic transfer pontn for light. Just sitting on the table, this humble little piece of design literally SCREAMED at you from across the room. It kept shouting, “pick me up! Pick me up!” All the judges kept going back to examine this more closely and wondering about it. I personally must have gone back and examined it a dozen times with wonder. I think this piece would have won the award for the “most fingerprints” (from fondling) in the show. — Art Chantry

This piece is radical for reasons completely opposite of our co-choice. This piece is ingenious due to its use of materials and process to achieve a novel and electric outcome. The use of two never before married materials—pink fluorescent vinyl and foil—make for an eye-popping execution. Applying heat to a heat averse material like vinyl is quite innovative. RoAndCo Studio have achieved a unique and energetic piece. — David Dodde

Unexpected material and print method. I mean, if a designer came to me and said they wanted to foil stamp on vinyl, I would have laughed, said they were crazy, and doubted it could even be done. But here it is—foil stamp on vinyl, and the result is incredible. Playful and elegant. — brad murph

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