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Poster for Mississippi State University, Department of Art by Jude Landry Design
Poster for Mississippi State University, Department of Art by Jude Landry Design


The Depart­ment of Art at Mis­sis­sip­pi State Uni­ver­si­ty is home to over 300 Art Majors. 


This poster was cre­at­ed to lure col­lege stu­dents to a lec­ture and work­shop by vis­it­ing artist Jes­si­ca His­che, whom we invit­ed as she launched her Dai­ly Drop Cap project—where she draws a cus­tom let­ter each day and posts it for any­one to use on their own web­sites. I designed this let­ter “J” as an homage to her inspir­ing work. Print­ing with one spot col­or on brown paper was a mon­ey sav­ing solu­tion that did­n’t give the impres­sion of a low print­ing budget. 

I had spoken with Scott Lipsey at Mississippi State University about printing a silver spot ink on brown paper, and he assured me they could easily do it. Because the print shop is less than a mile from my office, I was able to watch the entire printing process. It all went very smoothly.

Judge’s Comments
I chose this poster because it managed to stand out among all of the other more elaborately printed pieces, even though it was printed with a single color (silver) on dark brown paper. The primary letterform accurately reflects the essence of Jessica Hische’s elegant typographic aesthetic, and the supporting typography is perfect. The fact that this poster was printed on a beautiful and amazing sheet of French Paper that I designed may have also slightly influenced my vote. — Charles S. Anderson

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