Saint Kate
by One Design Company

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2018 – 19

Case Study
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First Round case studies are online PDFs that reproduce, with accompanying narratives, the original presentations made to clients showing initial design explorations for logo, identity, and branding projects.

Case Study #004

Saint Kate

By One Design Company

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About the Client

Opened in 2019, Saint Kate is a new arts hotel in downtown Milwaukee, WI. Named after Saint Catherine of Bologna, patron saint of artists and the artistic process, the 219-room hotel is a unique, boutique arts hotel created by artists for artists. From professional business travelers looking for a coworking space in downtown Milwaukee, to local creatives seeking a source of inspiration for their next project Saint Kate is part of Marcus Hotels & Resorts, which owns and manages a distinctive portfolio of hotels, resorts, and other properties.

About the Project

The InterContinental Hotel, one of the three properties that Marcus Hotels & Resorts owns in Milwaukee, was underperforming so they began considering the ideal property to replace it. A higher-end national chain? A boutique project? Being aware of the rising trend of art-focused hotels like the ART in Denver or the C21 chain, the company decided to focus there and bring something similar to Milwaukee, which is a relatively small Midwestern city but one that has a thriving art scene.

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