September 21 – 22

Chicago, IL


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Founder & Director

Love and Money

Melbourne, AU

Charl is a strategist, designer, writer, and businessperson. He is the Founder + Executive Director of Love + Money, a global, award-winning creative agency at the intersection of Brand and Digital.

While he never thought he’d enjoy leading and teaching a team of people, it brings him an incredible amount of joy. He also never thought he’d be interested in building a business, but there you go. Besides running LAM, he’s also a dairy farmer. He likes cooking almost as much as he like eating, and reading more than he likes writing; he still gets up and practices his scales on his guitars every morning; he’s known in exclusive circles for his high-quality rabbit meditation content. His mum is his hero.

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Day 1: September 21

Pali Palavathanan  •  Charl Laubscher  •  Emunah Winer & Margaret Kerr-Jarrett  •  Reggie Snowden  •  Jo Roca  •  Candace Solola  •  Abe Zieleniec  •  Julia Cho & Denny Liu  •  Thomas Kurppa  •  Shar Biggers

Day 2: September 22

Diego Guevara  •  Ade Chong  •  Bijan Berahimi  •  Katrina Romulo  •  Byron Rex Phillipson  •  Kristin Lueke  •  Matt Tanaka  •  Stephanie Falaschetti  •  Taamrat Amaize  •  Zipeng Zhu