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Textil- und Modedialog

Textil– Und Modedialog by Die Wegmeister GmbhTextil– Und Modedialog by Die Wegmeister GmbhTextil– Und Modedialog by Die Wegmeister GmbhTextil– Und Modedialog by Die Wegmeister GmbhTextil– Und Modedialog by Die Wegmeister Gmbh


Orga­nized by the lead­ing tex­tile asso­ci­a­tions in Ger­many, this is an annual con­ven­tion for major Ger­man fash­ion brands whose name trans­lates to Tex­tile and Fash­ion Dia­logue. The indus­try lead­ers gather to present and dis­cuss new advance­ments, trends, and devel­op­ment meth­ods relat­ing to tex­tile and their field.


Pos­i­tive first year results jus­ti­fied the Tex­til– und Modedialog’s exis­tence and the value of its con­tin­u­a­tion. Event orga­niz­ers desired to brand the expe­ri­ence to enable higher rec­og­niz­abil­ity in years to come. Orga­niz­ers also learned the impor­tance of remov­ing their own logos from Tex­til– und Mode­di­a­log logo appli­ca­tions as the event was allowed to grow into its own being, inde­pen­dent of fund­ing organizations.


The act of indi­vid­u­als join­ing together in dis­cus­sion was seen as a metaphor for tex­tile itself. This view drove deci­sions of how to rep­re­sent and com­bine logo ele­ments. The inter­change­abil­ity of the logo mir­rors fash­ion and its per­ma­nent state of never-ending tran­si­tion. Depend­ing on the back­ground, the “T” and “D” trade their col­ors to main­tain the proper read­ing order of “T” first, “M” and then “D”. The logo debuted using cyan, magenta, and yel­low, but fol­low­ing years are encour­aged to use new color combinations.

We wanted a logo that sym­bol­ized both tex­tile and our new annual event. Since the moment the logo was pre­sented to us, we were glad we had cho­sen to give die weg­meis­ter gmbh quite a bit of cre­ative free­dom from the get-go. We hap­pily approved and the fol­low­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion with them was fruit­ful and the process excit­ing as the logo extended to brand the entire event. More than pleased that the logo sur­passed our expec­ta­tions, we were excited to see its var­i­ous iter­a­tions in its first year and look for­ward to see­ing the col­ors evolve through fol­low­ing events. — Simone Diebold, Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion of Süd­west­tex­til and PR of Gesamtmasche

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